Who We Are

Who we are

Having worked in different branches for over 20 years, I have gained a broad knowledge which helped me being able to build up and optimize small and medium sized companies.

What I never loose in my focus is thinking ecologically sustainable and optimizing the human work force by recognizing and strengthening their potential and herewith strengthen the company from inside.

The mix of branches I worked in helped me make the difference as here is where I see the potential that other don’t see through the daily routines.

Being able to communicate in five languages and having worked with companies in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Japan and the US, I also am specialized in intercultural communication.

To be able to offer you the best possible service I work together with established companies in PR, Marketing and Engineering.

Business consulting
  • Different view on problems
  • Focused on the individual needs of a company
  • Strengthen it instead of laying off valuable resources and with that weaken it even more
  • Try to change as less as needed and not everything
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Project management
  • Tracking your project
  • Implementing new software which suits your needs
  • Developing a new product
  • Change management
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Business coaching

You think you are on a one way street. Your thoughts constantly circle around one topic and you can’t find the solution. You ask yourself. Was that all? What am I going to do in the future?

Let’s find your way out of the crisis.

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Business consulting

  • New ideas for your business
  • Developing export businesses
  • Business opportunities in Plovdiv
  • Optimizing or building relationships to export partners and intercultural skills

I can help you make it happen. With my experience from several branches which enables me to see chances which other don’t see. We will together find your individual solution.

Interested in starting your business in Bulgaria?  I can help you with it. Together with my cooperation partners we can realize your expansion plans.

Project management

You don’t have the capacities to add on extra tasks to your staff, just like implementing software or merging ERP and CRM-systems, launching a new product or restructuring departments?

In this case I take care of the project management, which enables you to focus on the most important…your business. According to your needs and demands I keep contact to your departments making sure we keep deadlines and fulfill all set requirements.

Hire me on an hourly base for fast checks or on daily base for set up skype meetings to monitor the status of the project or if needed I can also lead the whole project.

Business coaching

Strengthening companies from inside and using the given resources to develop a successful strategy together with my clients.

Smaller and medium sized companies have different demands and cannot be compared with larger concerns that are static but have more free resources. Smaller businesses need to be seen individually and actions have to be manageable.

That also includes coaching staff and management, showing new ways of embracing the daily challenges in a fast paces business world by changing the perspective of their view on the company and the market. With this new dynamic it will be much easier opening the way to success.

Together we make it happen!

Examples of projects

Product development
  • Soft drinks sweetened with Stevia ( counceling)
  • Single Malt Whisky (limited editions, special finishs),
  • Sweets industry (product improvements)
Project management
  • Implementation of new software systems or updating and merging ERP and CRM software according to companies requirements (Navision, Tetra, IT Hau)
  • Opening of a bonded warehouse for 30 l Whisky casks incl tax solution,
  • Long term stress tests for cable protection systems in trains (cooperation)
  • Soft drinks customized for key accounts (cooperation)
  • Kosher-, Halal and Organic certification
  • Flexible tubes/hoses (Trouble shooting)
Business development
  • Baking ingredients in Europe, South-East Asia( focus Japan and PR China), Middle East
  • Single Malt Whisky in Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • Cable protection systems in Germany, Switzerland and Austria


German, English, Italian, Swedish, French

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